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1. Looking for Buyer

① Riverize Gold Mining Corporation                                                    (Mining / Exporting Company that is operating in Republic of Togo)


  Product Specifications of Gold as follow;         

    a)     Product     :      AU Metal ( Alluvial Gold Dust)
       b)     Stock / Production Capacity Quantity   :   250 kgs every Week. 
       c)     Quality     :     24 Carats Plus

         d)      Purity      :      98 % Plus.

       e)     Best Quotation / Price     :   US$ 15,500 (Fifteen thousands Five
                                                                Hundred United State Dollars)
                                                                per each One kilogram.
   The company issue the comments as follow;
   1)  The presented price is the cheapest and our quality is the best as we
          know, because we are direct gold mining company and not middle Men or 
          broker. Which means we can satisfy all your need for buying gold direct
          from us.
    2)    As our company is ready to send 3 grammes FREE sample to you when 
          -ever you want, if you have interests in this product, please inform to
          International Business Planning & Management / send inquiry by Email to
          International Business Planning & Management. However, before we send
          out sample to you, we want you to confirm accept our selling price & our 
          method of payment. So we need to receive your email confirmation. This is
          very important before we send out Gold sample to you.
          Contact email address for Inquiry / request for samples;